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I’m a passionate storyteller on a mission to bring the timeless wisdom of the Bible to life through childlike wonder. As a writer, I craft deep, meaningful tales that not only captivate the imagination but also contain insightful Bible studies tailored for women.

My stories are a delightful journey that combines the wonder of childhood with the depth of faith, inviting women of all ages to explore the profound teachings of the Bible in a playful and meaningful way. Join me on this enchanting adventure where the wisdom of Scripture meets the joy of storytelling.

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This is a wonderful book full of richly detailed drawings that represent the various cultures in our world. The universal message of Jesus Christ’s love and sacrifice is effectively shown and the lullaby is memorable. I can see this book being an instant favorite among small children.

Shalonda McFarland



Jesus loves the little children of the world! We sang this song in Sunday School to remind us that Jesus is the Savior to all children, regardless of their race, religion, or where they live. This book does the same. This beautifully illustrated lullaby reminds little ones that Jesus loves them and died for them. This is a message every child should hear, and the author shares it wonderfully.

Valda Goudie

Amazon Customer


This book is just so sweet!
I love the multi-cultural focus with beautiful pastel illustrations. The author effectively shares the gospel message in a gentle way. This would be a perfect gift for a new mother.


Amazon Customer

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